“Movie theaters in San Francisco”, “Summer BBQ Recipes”, “Best place to buy 80’s vinyl” …

With a seemingly endless supply of answers to even the most random questions, most of us use an internet search engine on a daily basis. So why not do more, and turn those searches into money for your favorite charity or child’s school?

Search and Give, the partnership between Microsoft and JustGive was launched in 2007 to do just that.

Earn one cent per search — up to 500 searches per person per month – which means $60 a year in donations that doesn’t cost you anything. With the price of everything from housing to gas to groceries going up, you can still make a difference.

How much of a difference?

In it’s first year, the program generated more than $250,000 to over 20,000 schools and non-profits. Today the total raised is over $350,000.

Make sure your charity or school benefits. Create an account on Search and Give, select the school or charity, and start searching from the homepage. It’s that easy. With a database of over 100,000 schools (powered by Scholastic) and over 1 million charities (powered by Guidestar), everyone can find their favorite cause.

Want to do more?

Go to Live Search Club and play games to earn tickets. Tickets can be redeemed as a donation to the full database of schools and charities.

Want to spread the word? Tell a friend.

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