Gustav, Hanna and Ike tore through the Carribean and Southeast U.S. leaving little more than debris and loss in their wake. Flooding in Haiti washed away crops ready for harvest and livestock relied upon for survival in a country already facing a food shortage.

Millions of people have already donated to disasters both at home and overseas. Many experience what might be described as “disaster fatigue” and are reluctant to continue giving. Not to mention already difficult financial times – a shaky stock market, gasoline and groceries prices through the roof, unemployment rates and home foreclosures at record highs.

What can I do? The crisis is so big and I don’t have a lot to give

By making a $10 donation to a charity already providing relief you can make a difference in the lives of people who have lost everything.

How many people are on your email list? Make a donation and let everyone in your address book know about it. Your generosity inspires a friend, co-worker or family member. They donate $10 and pass around the link to others. Before you know it, your donation has inspired 100 people to donate $10 each. You helped generate $1000 towards food, fresh water, rebuilding homes, and providing temporary shelter. Most importantly, you give hope to people who have lost everything.

Wow, that was easy. So, how else can I help?

Have a friend with a birthday coming up and don’t know what to get them? Make a dedicated donation and honor their commitment to their favorite cause.

Getting married and don’t need another toaster? Create a charity wedding registry and ask friends and family to make a donation in your names.

Find a local charity and ask about volunteer opportunities.

Want to spread the word? Tell a friend.

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