JustGive has plenty of meaningful gifts that are perfect choices for every last person on your list . . . even on a tight budget! No need to run to the drugstore for a bland box of chocolates or a “seen on TV” gadget. With JustGive, there’s a quick, easy and affordable way to finish your last minute shopping and give gifts that mean so much more—for your recipient and for the world.

Need a last minute gift for a difficult-to-buy-for family member or friend?

For as little as $10, you can make a donation in their name to a charity that supports a cause they care about most. Is he or she concerned about:

· Education? A $25 gift to First Book puts 10 books in the hands of first-time readers, introducing children to the joy of reading.

· Poverty and Hunger? For every dollar donated to Feeding America, a hungry family receives 20 pounds of food.

· Homelessness? A $50 gift to Habitat for Humanity buys supplies to build new homes.

If you’re stumped for the name of a charity, use the JustGive Guide to help you find what you need. Search the 19 categories of 1,000 charities to narrow your search quickly. Or find local charities with a zip code in an Acting Locally search. Or simply type a cause or charity name into Advanced Search for a world of charitable options.

We’ll send a gift notification with your personal message through email to your recipient, or you can print it to include in your holiday card.

Need a hostess gift at the last minute for a holiday party?

Bring a unique and personal gift that gives twice. A GiveNow card allows your host to give to cause that is meaningful to them—choosing from nearly 1.5 million charities working locally and throughout the world. Send a GiveNow card online to arrive the same day, or print it from home just before you go and include it in your card.

Need a “Secret Santa” gift idea for your eco-friendly co-worker?

Avoid the plastic wrapping and other wasted resources. Donate on their behalf to American Forests: a $10 donation plants 10 trees. Or give a Gift Collection that will help four charities dedicated to protecting the environment. Make a donation in their name and you can email or print out their gift notice that day.

Even at the last minute, you can give hope and help to those in need for as little as $10. No stress. No travel. No shipping. For a very Happy Holiday to all!

Tell a friend where to get a great last minute gift!

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