blog action day

JustGive is excited to take part in Blog Action Day 2009! For one day nearly 7,000 blogs, with more than 11 million readers in 130 countries will write about a single issue—Climate Change. The goal? Raise awareness for an issue that has global importance.

Imagine the difference 11 million people can make. Act locally! Find a charity in your neighborhood and volunteer to plant a tree or clean up a beach. Or visit VolunteerMatch and find on-going or one-time opportunities for everyone. Bring a friend or two and increase your impact.

If 11 million people donated $1 each, the National Arbor Day Foundation can plant 11 million trees. A $25 donation to American Forests plants 25 trees where they are needed most—removing carbon dioxide from the air and cooling the planet. Get five coworkers together and bring lunch tomorrow instead of going out. You’ll save $50, enough to “Adopt an Acre” or “Adopt a Reef” through the Nature Conservancy. The benefits of individuals acting collectively are huge! Join us and take action on October 15, with your gift of time or a donation—and be proud to take part in this international day of change.

Blog Action Day reminds us of the impact one person can make when we act together. Share these ideas with someone today and inspire change for a better tomorrow!

– Sarah Myers, Program Manager

P.S. JustGive is now on Facebook and Twitter. Come check us out!

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