Chile Earthquake
Photo: Alejandro Garcia (JanOSpixeles) via Flickr

A magnitude 8.8 earthquake struck Chile early Saturday, February 27, setting off tsunami warnings for Hawaii and the entire Pacific basin. The fifth most powerful earthquake since 1900 has already officially claimed 700 deaths and that number is rising. More than 1.5 million homes were destroyed or damaged. Coastal towns, including Constitucion, lost the center of their village.

Chilean President, Michelle Bachelet, called the earthquake “an emergency unparalleled in the history of Chile” and ordered supermarkets to give away basic supplies to help desperate victims.

The ground continues to shake with aftershocks; more than 50 followed the earthquake. And despite the state-mandated, earthquake-resistant building standards that helped mitigate damage, Chile needs emergency relief help.  Food, water and medical supplies are critical necessities as the Chilean government and aid groups search for survivors in the rubble.

You Can Help

Here are some charities on the ground helping Chile. They need your immediate support to provide assistance. Through JustGive, you can donate now, and designate your gift to the “Chile Earthquake.”

You can spread the word for more support

Use your Social Media tools to reach out to your friends and family to encourage their charity for Chile. Need ideas? Visit Fast Company Magazine for ways to spread the word. Not surprisingly, according to Fast Company Magazine:

…users of social media the world over have undertaken their own rescue measures. Twitter, Facebook, and several of Google’s properties aren’t trivial, now. They’re life-saving, informational tools. An eye-rolling bit of gossip about one of those Kardashian girls can explode through the Web in minutes–and now, news about those in Chile is traveling over the same digital pathways, with the same speed, reaching the same vast amount of people.

Tell a friend and make a difference today!

3 thoughts on “Help Chilean Earthquake Victims

  1. In response to the tragic events following the earthquake in Chile, NESsT established the Levantando Chile Fund to support local Chilean nonprofit organizations that are channeling assistance to communities on the ground. Levantando Chile is supporting both immediate relief efforts and long-term reconstruction efforts in Chile.

    Founded in Chile in 1999 by U.S. and Chilean Social Entrepreneurs Lee Davis and Nicole Etchart, NESsT has provided capital and mentoring to over 2,000 social enterprises, transforming thousands of lives and demonstrating entrepreneurial solutions to critical social problems across Latin America and Central Europe. and

    1. Great to see entrepreneurial approaches to solving the challenges presented by the Chilean earthquake. We’re always interested in learning about other organizations making a difference on the ground and systemically in Chile, so if you’re a nonprofit and have a story to tell, let us know!

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