Working for a nonprofit is often a labor of love. All of us at JustGive have stories about why we work for the public good. For many of us, it was our Mother’s who instilled a sense of giving back. That’s certainly the case for me. When I was seven years old my Mother founded a nonprofit, Surrey Services for Seniors. Watching her struggle and succeed – before retiring last year – is one of the reasons I made social change a career path. It’s also why this Mother’s Day I’ll let her tell me what her next passion is by giving her a charity gift card.

This Mother’s Day, the JustGive team is sharing stories about our Mothers and the ways we can honor what they’ve taught us:

I feel very fortunate to have a mother that instilled in me the importance of compassion and equality. My mother has always strongly believed that helping others who are less fortunate is a duty we all have as members of global and local communities, not just something that you do because it makes you feel good. It is because of her passion and commitment to help others that I would choose to donate to Outside In, a local organization that provides services to help empower homeless youth and other marginalized people.  – Kelly

No matter where your Mom lives, there’s a community organization she loves—helping the elderly, caring for animals or giving shelter to those in need. Conveniently find that organization with just a zip code with our Act Locally tool.

I would donate to the Spay-Neuter Action Project in San Diego. My Mom was “that crazy cat lady” who took in the neighborhood strays. She always said it wasn’t enough to provide just food and water, it was important to control the pet population. This message was echoed on mornings we’d have breakfast together and watch re-runs of The Price is Right with Bob Barker. SNAP provides mobile spay/neuter services throughout San Diego County, as well as reduced rate services for low-income pet owners.  – Sarah

Donate to a charity your Mom cares most about. Add a personal message and JustGive will email your gift in a convenient, earth-friendly way—or print a receipt of your gift and enclose it in her Mother’s Day card.

My mom is a very generous woman. She always opens our home to people that need a place to feel welcomed or need a place to stay. She is quick to offer what little extra she has to local family shelters and rescue missions. In her honor I donate locally to BOSS – Harrison Family Shelter and Bay Area Rescue Mission. This Mother’s Day I hope to share that I’m following in her footsteps, and making the same difference to those that need. – Julia

Select and personalize a GiveNow charity gift card and let your Mother choose her favorite cause.

One of the things I remember not liking when I was young but appreciate now is public radio. My mother always listened to public radio while preparing dinner and even now the program themes put me back in our kitchen. Every year for Mother’s Day, I send my mother a gift donation to her local public radio station.  – Andrea

Make your Mother’s gift a monthly donation and provide ongoing support in her honor all through the year.

I would give to an environmental charity, particularly one that preserves forests, because my mother loved the woods. I have memories of her hugging redwood trees in Northern California, before the term “tree hugger” was formally coined! – Roxanne

My mother is passionate about giving back to others.  She donated to the same children’s charity for over 20 years, sponsoring several young girls’ education into adulthood.  Later, my mother turned to micro-lending to support women’s businesses in developing countries.  This year she is going to the World Cup games in South Africa and will volunteer at a local orphanage during her visit.  For Mother’s Day, I’ll give a charitable donation to her favorite nonprofits.  (If I gave her anything else, it would just end up at the Goodwill anyway.) – Michele

Give her a Gift Collection—a “basket” of four charities that support a cause that’s close to your Mom’s heart.

My Mom went back to school as an adult for seven years part-time to become a teacher—while also raising 4 kids. She received her bachelor’s degree the same year I graduated from high school. Mom showed me how to go after what was important and work through any obstacles. For Mother’s Day, I’m donating to Girls Incorporated to help inspire, support and empower young women. To this day (and I’m no spring chicken), that’s what my Mom does for me! – Candy

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