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Featured Nonprofit FAQ
Donor Information

When using JustGive to process your online donations, you’ll want to keep a record of your donors and their contact information so you can thank them and add them to your donor database.

Will we receive contact information for our JustGive donors?

That depends on the donor’s preference.

When you view your donations through JustGive’s online donation report, you’ll see the donor’s name, email address, and/or mailing address—unless the donor chooses to remain anonymous. If they make an anonymous donation, we honor their request and will not disclose donor information (per our privacy policy).

Here’s an example of what the donation report looks like:

donation report

JustGive takes care of immediately sending a tax receipt to each and every donor for their gift. It’s not a bad idea to send a thank you note from your organization too. Just make sure to thank donors for the full value of their donation.

Allowing donors to choose their own privacy settings is one of the benefits of JustGive, and it’s one way we break down the barriers to giving.

For more nonprofit FAQs, visit our Help Center

– Alex Mechanic
Service Team Manager

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