helpiconWe’re happy to announce we’ve revamped the content in our Nonprofit Support Center. After looking at the primary reasons why nonprofits were contacting JustGive support, we reorganized and rewrote all our content.

Our Support Center is now organized into sections that reflect the key ways you use JustGive’s services:

Signing Up / Creating an Account
Collecting Donations on JustGive
Donation Payments
Account Management

In each section, you’ll find the most frequently asked questions and detailed answers. We hope this helps you find answers to your questions more quickly, and also makes it easy to discover more about the many services JustGive offers.

For easy access, bookmark our new Nonprofit Support Center and use it as the first place to check for answers to your questions.

And before we sign off, here are the top 5 articles nonprofits were reading in our new Support Center last week:

How can our nonprofit register for or get listed in the JustGive charity database?
Is there a cost for our organization to have a JustGive account or use JustGive’s services?
When is payment sent for the donations we receive? When is the check mailed?
What fees are we charged for donations made to our organization through the JustGive website?
We just received a check from JustGive. How do we find out what it is for?

Sarah Bacon
Director of Product

2 thoughts on “NEW & Improved: JustGive’s Support Center for Nonprofits

  1. I am trying to log into your account but am not successful. I have a claim code
    number given to me as a birthday gift to donate to my favorite charities.

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