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Are There Service Fees for Nonprofits?

Here at JustGive, we offer services that help you fundraise and reach more donors, including the ability to process online donations. One question we’re often asked is if there are fees associated with our services.

Is there a cost for our nonprofit organization to have a JustGive account or to use JustGive’s donation services?

There is no set up or monthly fee for nonprofits to use JustGive. It’s free for any 501(c)(3) organization to sign up for an account on JustGive.

Once you have a nonprofit account, you can also create a custom donation page for your organization, and place donation buttons and links on your website to collect online donations. We handle all the processing of those donations and mail your organization a monthly check for donations received.

When a donor makes a donation to your nonprofit through your JustGive donation page, button or link, we deduct a 4.5% processing fee to cover transaction costs and credit card fees. This fee is deducted from the donation before we send payment to you. (JustGive doesn’t bill you at any time.)

justgiveDonors have the option at checkout to cover the processing fee, which allows 100% of the donation to go to your organization.

For donations made directly through the JustGive site (, there is an additional flat charge of $.35 deducted per donation.

But for nonprofits np_btn_donate_nowusing a JustGive Donation Page or custom Donate Now button or link, we waive the $.35 flat charge.

Find out more about collecting donations on JustGive.

– Sarah Bacon
Director of Product

2 thoughts on “Are There Service Fees for Nonprofits?

  1. Today, I made a testing-donation of $10 to the NGO I am member of in order to verify the Just Give system functioning. I had to pay an additional fee of $3.00. I assumed this as a flat fee that can be paid by the donor or by the recipient organization. However later I found out in the donation report that there was also another fee. This time it is a deduction of the funds for the NGO of $0.80 (8% of the donation). I assumed that it is the 4.5% plus $0.35 for donations made directly through the JustGive site. But in fact, my donation was through the Donate Now button in my NGO website. Please explain the following:
    1) What is it the $3.00 charge in my donation;?
    2) Why is it that you deducted $035 from the donation ?
    In anticipation, thank you for your answer.

    1. Hi Orlando,

      It sounds to us like your donation was actually made through and not from the correct URL used for a Donate Now button. The $3 sound like a voluntary donation to JustGive, which can be un-checked in your giving basket if you do not wish to make a donation to JustGive. As we are a nonprofit our self, we depend on donations from people who can give them as much as any other nonprofit.

      There is a 35 cent flat fee when donations are made through the main JustGive site, we waive that fee when nonprofits register through and pull their special URL from their account.

      If you email with your EIN they can help you verify that you have the correct URL set up to have the flat fee waived. Using this special URL also removed the request for a donation to JustGive.

      The JustGive Team

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