More than 340 Cisco employees donated money and more than 743 hours of time to support the 2014 Global Hunger Relief Campaign in India.
More than 340 Cisco employees donated money and more than 743 hours of time to support the 2014 Global Hunger Relief Campaign in India.

When it comes to corporate social responsibility, Cisco Systems, headquartered in California’s Silicon Valley, takes their role in the community and employee giving seriously.

Since 2009, Cisco has partnered with JustGive to ensure that the donation dollars and volunteer hour donations from their employees reach the charities they care most about.

Donation support and processing

Cisco has more than 70,000 employees worldwide and powers platforms to help them engage in charitable giving. The company invested in a Salesforce platform that enables Cisco employees to donate to charity and request matching for those donations as well as track their volunteer hours with organizations, which the company also matches.

Getting the money to the charities is where JustGive comes in. Using our donation support and processing product, donations made by Cisco employees are received through our Donor Advised Fund (DAF). JustGive then disburses those funds to recipient charities, relieving Cisco of having to create their own nonprofit to process donations.

Volunteer hours matching

Cisco employees also volunteer in their local communities, dedicating many hours to organizations that address poverty, hunger, veterans’ needs and other causes around the world. For every hour an employee spends on volunteer work, Cisco matches it with a donation to the charity. JustGive is a key component to make sure the donations from volunteer hours reach the specific charities for Cisco employees.

“Since we started working with JustGive, we’ve supported over 3,000 U.S.-based schools and charities, and JustGive has helped Cisco employees and the Cisco Foundation provide almost $50M in donations and matching gifts,” said Julie Rose, head of Cisco’s matching gifts program in the United States.

Rewarding service with charity gift cards

Cisco also uses our GiveNow Charity Gift Cards for employee service rewards in the U.S. and Canada. Employees receive a gift card ranging from $50 to $500 as thanks for their years of service to the company. They redeem their gift card on a Cisco-branded website—powered by JustGive—to donate to any charity or school approved for the program.

cisco_logo“Feedback has been great from employees who are able to select a JustGive charity gift card. They appreciate the option to donate to charity instead of receiving a gift for themselves,” said Racquel Stotomas, a Human Resources Manager at Cisco that runs the employee service awards program.

So the next time you see the Cisco logo, know that the people behind those products are also making a difference with charitable giving around the world.

We’re proud to partner with Cisco to help deliver effective and engaging CSR programs so that employees, with the company’s support, can pay it forward in a variety of ways.

Inspired to improve your CSR efforts? We can help you include philanthropy that supports your goals — just contact us.

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– Sarah Bacon
Director of Product

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