How we can better serve our nonprofit customers has preoccupied our thinking this year. We know the JustGive website is a vital tool that helps you get more donations, track them, and manage donor data.

Each year, JustGive collects and disburses millions of dollars in donations to thousands of charities—so to make it easier to find the information you need and save you time managing your account, we’ve improved the Nonprofit Services section of our website.

Better description of JustGive’s services
We’ve updated our informational pages about JustGive’s nonprofit donation services and our nonprofit donation reports. Whether you’ve been using JustGive for a while or you’ve just received your first donation check from us, these new pages give you a clear overview of what JustGive provides.


quicklinksImproved organization & navigation for your nonprofit account
We’ve cleaned things up a bit in your nonprofit account area, and added a new homepage you’ll see after logging in that gives you a snapshot of your donation totals for the current month and year to date. Plus, we made it quicker to access your donate buttons, your donation page (including editing it), your donation reports, and more.

NEW: Downloadable QR code for your website or event
We’ve had a lot of requests for QR codes from our nonprofits, so this is now built right into your account. Visit the Donate Buttons page to download a QR code that has your custom JustGive donation page website address embedded in it. Place it on your website or printed materials—your donors can quickly scan it and are immediately sent to your donation page.

Here’s an example of one for JustGive’s donation page:


Additional nonprofit resources
We’re often asked for referrals to companies providing other nonprofit services. So we’ve added a Nonprofit Resources page to our site that lists and links you to some of our key partners that can help you with fundraising strategy, recruiting quality volunteers, and more.

question-mark-icon-dc_icon_question_markNonprofit Support Center
Have a question about your JustGive account or our services? Visit our improved and streamlined Nonprofit Support Center for everything you need to know about creating a JustGive nonprofit account, collecting donations, viewing reports, and more.

Go check out our new & improved Nonprofit Services area. Have other ideas about how we can improve the nonprofit section? Leave a comment here on the blog to let us know.

– Sarah Bacon
Director of Product

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