Growing the world of giving with JustGiving, the world’s #1 social giving platform

JustGive has joined forces with JustGiving, the world’s largest social giving platform, to help you reach more people, raise more money, and change more lives. In our effort to make giving truly global, JustGiving’s ground-breaking platform helps us grow our positive social impact.

Get started with JustGiving

Until the end of May, you will be able to log in to JustGive.org and download your history as usual. After that you will need to create a new JustGiving.com account to take advantage of all of the wonderful new features that are at your disposal.

How will these new features help me?

JustGiving has drawn on more than 15 years-experience helping 27m people in 165 countries raise over $4bn for NGO’s and grassroots project. This experience has helped create a platform that enables quick page creation, unique social sharing, and a mobile-first ideology that gives you the ability to manage your appeal on any device.

The JustGiving community is 20 million strong, meaning your appeal has the chance to reach even more people who care, enabling you to raise more money and help change more lives.

Let’s get started together!

To get started using your new JustGiving account to raise money, click here to create your personal account.

4 thoughts on “JustGive Joins JustGiving

  1. I have a Just Give charity card to redeem…donate….how do I do that? There is no place on your website that says Redeem Give Now Cards. Please advise….

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