There are many ways to get involved and help voter turnout. 

I’m working with a few nonprofits, such as and, to dial for voters and answer questions for citizens seeking answers. By volunteering I am helping voters find their polling place, discover how to check if they’re registered, know how to apply for absentee ballots and to confirm mail-in deadlines, and learn all their voting options.

Set aside whatever time you can to help. 

Use your social media to remind everyone to vote and give them this link to confirm they’re registered (laws regarding the registration process vary by state). 

Think about people you know that may need information on getting information on Absentee and early voting. Think about any youth and college kids that may need prodding to get registered at their college location or to get an absentee ballot. 

You can also volunteer to be a poll worker, which is needed more this year than any other. Here are more ways to help.

And most importantly, make a plan with lots of extra time to vote yourself!

Kendall Webb, Executive Director

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