High Magnitude Earthquakes Hit Ecuador and Japan

It’s Monday morning and rescuers are searching for survivors and missing people in Ecuador and Japan. Over the last few days both countries have experienced high magnitude earthquakes resulting destruction, death and injury. The island of Kyushu, Japan has been experiencing powerful earthquakes and hundreds of aftershocks since April 14, 2016 when a 6.2-magnitude quake … Continue reading High Magnitude Earthquakes Hit Ecuador and Japan

10 Ways to Prevent Crime in Your Community

We used to keep our porch lights on and open the door when the doorbell rang, even if we didn’t know who was there. We don’t do that in the world we live in now. But there are many ways to take back control and prevent crime in your community. It just takes communication, commitment … Continue reading 10 Ways to Prevent Crime in Your Community

Can Donors Make Recurring Donations?

Featured Nonprofit FAQ: Can a donor make a recurring donation to our organization through JustGive? When it comes to processing donations for nonprofit organizations, one question we’re often asked is if it’s possible for donors to set up a recurring donation using JustGive’s services. Question Can a donor make a recurring/ongoing monthly donation to our … Continue reading Can Donors Make Recurring Donations?

A fond adieu to Alex after almost 5 years at JustGive

We have a great team here at JustGive. Today Alex, who has worked at JustGive for almost 5 years, is moving to a new opportunity in a different field. So we say a bittersweet farewell. In her time here, Alex has worked in many areas of the company, whether it be customer service, marketing, or … Continue reading A fond adieu to Alex after almost 5 years at JustGive

Community Giving = Good Business

If you’re hesitating to make community service part of business, a few minutes with Alison Roessler will change your mind. She’ll inspire you to make it your culture and get you fired up about the benefits of giving back in a heartbeat. I talked with Roessler the other day about what making an impact means to … Continue reading Community Giving = Good Business

Your Donation Button Options

To answer your frequently asked questions, we’re including them in our nonprofit blog. Subscribe to the blog and use it as a place to check for answers. Each month, we’ll feature a question we get asked on a regular basis. Featured Nonprofit FAQ Your Donation Button OptionsWhen you’re researching online donation options, of course you want … Continue reading Your Donation Button Options

Time to Act: Prevent Sexual Assaults

When we hear the term sexual assault, most of us think of rape by a stranger. The reality is that about 2/3 of assaults are committed by someone known to the victim. Sexual assault isn’t just limited to rape, either—it includes child abuse, sexual harassment, teen relationship violence, date rape and domestic violence. Every 107 … Continue reading Time to Act: Prevent Sexual Assaults

Nonprofit Spotlight: Bubble Foundation

At first blush, the Bubble Foundation seems like an unusual name for an organization that helps kids live healthy and happy lives, but then again…. Not wanting to pigeonhole their holistic efforts or be heavy handed about wellness, the name was chosen to keep it fun and focused on kids. Funders ask about our name, … Continue reading Nonprofit Spotlight: Bubble Foundation

2015 Nonprofit Technology Conference Highlights

I remember attending an annual NTEN conference for the first time, in San Francisco. The sharing between very large companies like Blackbaud through individual IT consultants working for a cause demonstrated the tremendous resources offered—not just for nonprofit organizations (NPOs), but to the broad community serving them. Launched in 2000, NTEN, The Nonprofit Technology Network, … Continue reading 2015 Nonprofit Technology Conference Highlights