Lower your personal emissions

We can clearly see the impact of our day-to-day lives on our planet. 

How can we protect these environmental benefits when returning to “business as usual”? Can we commute fewer days per week? Can we plan zoom meetings instead of flying or driving long distances for a single meeting? 

Consider how you can lower your own emissions, including reducing your home energy use: What are your heating and cooling temperature settings? Do you unplug small appliances after use? To find ways to save energy, your local power company will conduct a free audit. Take advantage of this and discover more about how much energy you’re using and what’s taking the most power. 

Cut down on your water use, make simple everyday food and clothing changes, and support environmental organizations. Then vote to keep environmental protections in place and preserve our natural resources, animals and parks! 

Take steps for a better quality of life not just for us, but also generations to come.

To get started today, check out the 35 Easiest Ways to Reduce Your Carbon Footprint.

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