The global pandemic has shown the urgent need for collective action to support small businesses. Our local businesses need our help to stay alive if we want our communities to look anything like they did a few short months ago. 

Vote with your dollars. Each dollar you spend is a vote you are casting for your community, and the marketplace is your ballot box.

Think of all of your favorite stores and support them by buying from them or purchasing a gift card that you can give away or use later but which helps them now!  

Let’s buy less from the big retailers and increase our purchases  from small businesses. 

Here are 15 ways to support your local businesses, including: ordering food more often than you normally would from restaurants, tipping generously, posting menus and small business shout outs on your social media, buying birthday presents from boutique stores, keeping subscriptions to gyms and clubs if possible (even if they are not open) and continuing to pay for services you used to get such as house cleaning and lawn care (if you can). 

In case you don’t know how to find Black-owned businesses in your neighborhood, Facebook recently updated its Businesses Nearby platform to help. 

Every little thing helps, and if we all do what we can, it’ll strengthen our communities! Will you join me? 

Kendall Webb, Executive Director

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