JustGive’s corporate giving solutions

As we approach year-end many companies are planning for 2017 by reviewing their sustainability strategy and how that relates to corporate social responsibility (CSR) goals. Many times this includes Human Resources working with Marketing to determine the best way to enhance customer acquisition, corporate branding, customer loyalty and employee retention. JustGive’s corporate giving solutions can … Continue reading JustGive’s corporate giving solutions

Patagonia’s Unconventional CSR

California-based Patagonia, which specializes in outdoor apparel, has taken an unexpected and untraditional approach to corporate social responsibility (CSR). Sustainability, giving back and caring for the planet are firmly connected in a company conviction that’s clear for customers and the business world to see. That’s supported by Patagonia initiatives to buy and consume less. A … Continue reading Patagonia’s Unconventional CSR

Who receives the tax deduction for a company giving program?

Featured FAQ: Tax deductions for a company giving program With JustGive’s platform and products, your company can run a variety of different giving campaigns to engage employees and customers. All helping you make an impact and meet your corporate social responsibility (CSR) goals. As a nonprofit organization, we take care of compliance and offer ways … Continue reading Who receives the tax deduction for a company giving program?

Latest Trends in Workplace Giving

America’s Charities recently released Snapshot 2015 - The New Corporate DNA: Where Employee Engagement and Social Impact Converge. The third in a series, this year’s report includes insights, trends and best practices for workplace philanthropy and employee engagement. Findings were collected from an online survey of executives from 120 companies in the third quarter of … Continue reading Latest Trends in Workplace Giving

Does JustGive support donation matching campaigns? Cost?

FEATURED CORPORATE FAQ: Does JustGive support donation matching campaigns? Cost? Today’s workforce is paying a lot more attention to a company’s CSR efforts and its campaigns to support social causes. And studies show corporate citizenship makes a difference in business success. In a survey of millennials, Deloitte found they choose to work for organizations that make … Continue reading Does JustGive support donation matching campaigns? Cost?

Optical Underground: Glasses & Charity

It’s estimated that 3 out of 4 people in the United States wear corrective lens of some kind. Of those, 71% wear glasses. That’s why JustGive was excited to work with Optical Underground, an eyewear retailer located just down the street from us here in San Francisco. The company was readying a re-launch of their … Continue reading Optical Underground: Glasses & Charity

Campbell’s – A CSR Leader

When I say Campbell’s, the first thing that comes to mind is tomato soup—especially since it’s one of the top 10 foods sold off shelves in U.S. grocery stores today. But you may not know what stands behind the familiar products you enjoy: a business that has integrated social responsibility and sustainability into everything it … Continue reading Campbell’s – A CSR Leader

Helpful CSR & Sustainability Groups

Business for Social Responsibility and GlobeScan recently released the 7th annual State of Sustainable Business Report. The survey revealed what major companies think about sustainability and corporate social responsibility (CSR). It collected data from 440 professionals at multinational companies, in a wide range of industries, with varying levels of commitment to sustainability. One not-so-surprising trend … Continue reading Helpful CSR & Sustainability Groups

JustGive’s 15 Years of Philanthropy

It’s JustGive’s 15-year anniversary! As the year of celebration starts, Founder Kendall Webb took time to talk about how JustGive got started, and reflect on accomplishments. Q: You started JustGive as a nonprofit when others said it couldn’t be done.  Tell me about that. A: We started JustGive to create a single technology platform so … Continue reading JustGive’s 15 Years of Philanthropy

Johnson & Johnson’s Values Guide CSR

In our household of three boys, Johnson & Johnson is a familiar brand. But what I didn’t know about the company—which may be best known for Band-Aids®, baby powder and Tylenol®—was that it practiced corporate social responsibility long before the term existed. Caring for the world, one person at a time inspires and unites the … Continue reading Johnson & Johnson’s Values Guide CSR