Alongside the horror and despair of the Russian invasion of Ukraine, there are stories of hope and humanity, as strangers are stepping up to help refugees.


With distribution centers being bombed, supermarkets are unable to distribute food and hungry Ukrainians are unable to reach food sources. Brave drivers have volunteered to navigate through dangerous and challenging areas to bring food to Ukrainians isolated and locked in bomb shelters in the country’s biggest cities.

AP Photo/Evgeniy Maloletka/AP


World Central Kitchen have quickly mobilized on the ground at the border crossing to ensure Ukrainians arriving at least receive a warm, nutritious meal.

Millions of Ukrainian civilians have fled to neighboring countries, Poland, Romania and Moldova. The situation for refugees leaving Ukraine is dire as they had to suddenly leave everything behind and travel on foot through the night in sub-zero temperatures to escape imminent danger.  Chef (and Chief Feeding Officer) José Andrés of World Central Kitchen has mobilized local chefs, restaurateurs, producers and supply chain figures to serve meals to refugees on the many borders as well as working desperately to reach those inside Ukraine.  “There are many ways to fight and some people fight by making sure that people are fed. Those are our people and we’re going to be supporting them in many ways” says José.


World Central Kitchen providing meals on the border in Poland.

Don’t Just Admire The Courage You See in Ukraine. Help get meals to them!

It’s inspiring to see the extraordinary courage of the Ukrainian citizens, spanning all ages and genders, and we can honor their courage by helping to support their bravery. Join the movement and take action to help these brave Ukrainians get food. Please donate to World Central Kitchen to get more meals to Ukrainians.

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