Cancel everything but kindness: Be a positive voice in this stressful time

JustGive partnered with JustGiving a few years ago to give our donors and nonprofits a more robust technology experience. Now, JustGive is coming back and refocusing on why we started 20 years ago – to increase charitable giving.

At the same time JustGive is newly independent and in transition, the world is in transition. A global pandemic has schools closed and the economy spiraling. For many people, jobs and incomes are uncertain. The one thing most of us suddenly have a lot of is time. And many are consciously using that time for acts of kindness. 

Grassroots efforts save lives 

We’ve all heard stories of individuals stepping up to help others, heeding social media’s call to cancel everything but kindness. 

Grassroots groups are springing up everywhere – people are donating diapers, hand-sewing masks, and delivering food like thousands of volunteers at Invisible Hands Deliver who are bringing groceries and supplies to seniors and their at-risk neighbors.

Disasters bring communities together 

Disasters like the coronavirus pandemic bring people together through our emotional response to a shared experience. Kindness is stronger than grief, fear or anxiety, and helping others makes us feel good. Taking action feeds our souls, helps us not feel so overwhelmed, and gives us a sense of making a positive difference.

Altruism leads the way 

As we prepare to officially relaunch JustGive, we’re joining the movement to share stories of humanity and charity. 

By staying true to our mission, we hope these unselfish acts and ways to care for others lift you up and inspire you to give back in your community. We challenge you to start your own local movement! 

– Kendall Webb, JustGive Founder and Executive Director


The Toilet Paper Exchanger

Motivated by stories of people fighting over toilet paper, Jonny Blue, a physical therapist in Encinitas, California, made a sign that said “Share Your Toilet Paper” and started waving it at an intersection. At first, people started honking their horns, then they began dropping off toilet paper. When people stopped and said they couldn’t find any, Blue gave them some. (Source: The San Diego Union-Tribune)

What acts of kindness have you seen in your community during the coronavirus crisis?  Please share your stories, photos and videos with us! We’d love to feature them here. 

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